8x10 Grandkids Name Picture Frame w/ Date

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This 8x10 Custom Grandkids Name Picture Frame is a wooden laser engraved matte that comes with the frame to proudly display pictures of your all grandchildren (or children, nieces & nephews, etc). Featuring openings with each person's name cut out and dates engraved below each opening, this is a great way to show off all those loved ones in your life. Also makes a great gift for parents, aunts, uncles, great grandparents or anyone else who has loved ones to show off.

Sizes of pictures very depending on the number of pictures and orientation of the frame.
-2 Horizontal: 4x5.25
-3 Vertical: 3x4
-3 Horizontal: 2.75x4
-4 Vertical: 2.5x3.5
-5 or 6 Vertical: 2x3

-We may not be rich, bur our grandchildren are priceless.
-Precious Hearts, Priceless Grins 'N Giggles
*If you do not specify which verse, we will use "We may not be rich..." if space allows.

Each oak matte comes with a black or honey frame.

Photos shown are examples of what you will receive.

Made In America