2021 Graduation Guestbook

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Looking for a Personalized 2021 Graduation Open House Guest Book alternative? Look no further! This beautifully laser engraved frame is the perfect guestbook alternate and will set you apart from all the others. Guests will sign a scroll and drop it into the shadow box. Makes a wonderful keepsake you can hang on your wall or display on your mantel for many years to come.

The Graduate's Name is at the top, school is at the bottom and year on a graduation cap is in the middle surrounded by those they love and made the day extra special.

Includes: Personalized Frame, scrolls, signing marker, and "scroll holder". Our scroll holder makes it easy for guests to hold the scroll in place while they are signing. Scrolls are 1.5"x1.5" made from Alder. Frame and accents are made from Oak. There are 2 holes on the top edge of the frame for guests to drop their signed scroll into the frame.

11x14 holds approx 50 scrolls
12x16 holds approx 60 scrolls
16x20 holds approx 110 scrolls
18x24 holds approx 155 scrolls

Want a different shape? Let us know! We are happy to make this as unique as your are. Photos shown are just examples of what yours will look like. Made In America.